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I am missing an item from my order.

[Mielle Shipping Policy][1] It is possible that our team may miss an item or pack an incorrect item in your order. We apologize for the mishap and we are always happy to assist you in receiving your desired item. If any item is missing from your order upon arrival, please [submit a ticket][2][ ][3]with the necessary …

What is order "processing time"?

[Mielle Shipping Policy][1] "Processing time" refers to the timeframe in which our staff receives, reviews and assembles your order to prepare for shipment. Depending on the amount of orders we receive, this timeframe can take up to 7 business days. [1]:

My package never arrived.

[Mielle Shipping Policy][1] Misdelivered and lost packages can surely cause frustration, and the Mielle team is available to assist when this issue arises. Please contact the carrier for any information regarding the delivery. Have your tracking number available to provide to the carrier to assist with the investigat…

My package arrived damaged.

[Mielle Shipping Policy][1] It is possible for items to shift in transit, as well as for wear and tear to appear on the package due to handling by the carrier. Please inspect your package as soon as it arrives at its destination. If any item is damaged upon arrival, please [submit a ticket][2][ ][3]with photos of the…

Order Processing Time

[Mielle Shipping Policy][1] Please allow up to 7 business days for us to process your order. All orders processed after 3pm (CST) will be considered next business day orders. (Business days include Monday through Friday and exclude holidays and weekends. Orders processed on Friday after 3pm (CST) will continue proces…

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